by Gold Season

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released April 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Gold Season Phoenix, Arizona

Johnny Natoli
Brandon Turner
Colton Westerman
Kash Filburn

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Track Name: Experiment A
Manual breathing, you'll never leave, bring me a knife and a mind to mold (she's fighting) the thought reforming, never thought to warn me, hold on tight innocent soul (stay hiding now) oh what these people will give for a promise of heaven black candle, white smoke, beaming blue eyes before she spoke your perception is not your possession anymore hands idle, no use, we'll find some work for you she hasn't been the same since the rapture you always answer with a question, i'm always grinding down my teeth how can you say what i don't know won't hurt me? strapped under lab tables, in this form fitting mask, her mind is ours to mold, you know lotus to find solace, useful and clinically dead i am the one you'd love to know cortex cut, she's gone, follow the light to which you're drawn your perception is not your possession anymore excluded, cast out, they won't believe you now she hasn't been the same since playing god is being god, make your slave race in the sandbox every constituent drooling dialect from a slouching jaw sub serve me wandering minds are dangerous, reprogram, reposes human commodity don't you ever fucking question this process you always answer with a question, a rhetoric or so to speak don't lose your mind or someone else will find it surely.
Track Name: Hospital
There's no hope in this hospital sit staring through the windows, awaiting something new to hold onto still pacing back and forth, we're bracing tightly for bad news there's still so much to be said so calm me down, show me how to react to this or wake me from this nightmare your glimmers' still fading as we brave this weather used to be so strong together there's still so much to be blood loss and static phase as we slowly fade these feelings used to pass, now there's no escape relieving the pressure from this failed endeavor, you're too late i watched your eyes roll back, convulsing on the floor, all i could say is i'm sorry i hope i burn in hell, i hope i shine so bright, i hope you know i'm sorry we live and learn now, how much we disavow god you always cause diversion stab me in the back, guess i just deserve it god you always caused aversion i'll put all this waste away so keep me close, just stay alive for me, there's still so much to be said i'll just calm down.
Track Name: Incurious
I felt a revenant's love pulsing with my heart shelter from the dark as we held on by our wrists fester in the trenches days I've spent slaving away to covet for a drug and never recover pray to god they'll come and save you i'm just trying to impress you, subsequently then undress you and I've got a little money we can go wherever you want to i don't have a reason to be self-effacing, suffocating sorry to objectify this awkward conversation and oh, what a shame this path it's a suicide, but i'm not worth much more than this oh, what a shame, I've been living so far in vain examine this entropy, i'm giving up on everything but i can't live through this life incurious think I've got an extra introversion buried in the ground I've been living so far in vain i'm just trying to address you with a phrase to dispossess you and i'm glad you've got the spare time but honestly you're wasting mine i don't need a subsidiary doctrine to abide by don't make yourself a victim in this awkward situation bare a worthless wish on a dying star, slam into the earth and break apart govern this sacrilege to finer art, sacrifice my life for a shot barren, futile, ineffective, meaningless, unimportant, unproductive, incurious.
Track Name: Allseer
*more sounds
Track Name: First Exit
Head in the doorframe life was so mundane so I took the first exit that I could find days getting hollow all these pills that I swallow to ease my racing mind, they'd kill to see me fall and I can't take the pressure scathing in my skin so I'll stay safe in second best for now, I guess I never really wanted the spotlight anyway all I ever wanted was to be free so speak in tongues with me for one more night before I leave this place and say my goodbyes Wait for safer hands to pull me out before I leave this place and say my goodbyes 'cause we're all just killing time anyway.
Track Name: Play Dead
Burnt out fashion like a matchstick pseudo intellectual awkward and attractive so I bookmark the obituary play dead with me I felt your hands inside my chest searching my insides to find my very best your clothes dropped to the living room floor I couldn't ask for more when I cling to every word you speak but you got away you got away from me self-clinical death debauchery pounding on the mental majesty loves' a good movie with a horrible ending scene there's no content without the crave and I'm fucking starving I'm distraught and distressed pretending I'll still turn around and see your face sleep somber I'd count your every breath to savor by your side the more you have you have to lose I'm saving up my pennies for thoughts of you 'cause I have everything else that I wanted the best of all the people that I took for granted she's lying down playing dead with me 'cause life's much easier pretending you're asleep why'd I have to go and fall in love again? your heart stopped on the living room floor It's like you never even spoke a word before and I kissed your cold dead cheek you got away you got away from me wrap up the heartache in pretty little one-liners and insult your memory with every drink I'm choking down to forget you I watch my family draw near death, my mother's dying heart and my father's slow decay I'm wasting life, impeding death 'til I wind up just the same. This is the end, I just hope you're safe wherever you are I hope you're at home in the sky I hope I'm wrong about God I tried my best to forget you and I still am now, but I'll let you stay for one more song.